The Yankees Could Capitalize On An Arizona Rebuild

If the Arizona Diamondbacks decide to go into rebuild mode this offseason, there are a number of players who the Yankees could potentially go after. 

Rumors have been swirling that the Arizona Diamondbacks, who failed to make the postseason this year despite leading the NL West going in September, are preparing to enter a full rebuild this offseason. If the D-backs front office does decide to trade some of their veteran talents, the Yankees may be able to fill some much need holes. There have already been talks about a possible trade for all-star first baseman Paul Goldschmidt.

Let’s take a look at some other potential D-back trade candidates and their 2018 stats:

David Peralta-OF: .293/.352/.516, 30 HR, 87 RBIs, 3.9 WAR

The Yankees are likely going to pursue a new outfielder, rather than letting Gardner, Ellsbury, or Frazier fill the hole. Even with all the talk circulating around Harper, Peralta may be their best option. Peralta is a left handed hitter who had a wRC+ of 130 in 2018, three points higher than Stanton.

He is also an above average defender and has put up 16 DRS in five seasons in the outfield. Most importantly, Peralta hit .356 with RISP during the 2018 season, which was good for an incredible 163 wRC+. Peralta is also much cheaper than Harper, and is under control through the 2021 season.

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Robbie Ray-SP: 24 Starts, 3.93 ERA, 123.2 IP, 165 Ks, 12.0 K/9

In 2017, Ray established himself as a dominant pitcher in the National League with a 2.89 ERA, and even after some injuries in 2018, he had a very respectable season for Arizona. Ray is a left-hander who is under control through 2021, and after arbitration, this offseason is only expected to cost around $6 million each year.

However, Ray has some red flags the Yankees should be aware of; he had an unsightly 1.4 HR/9 and 5.1 BB/9 in 2018, and also greatly over performed his FIP of 4.31, largely do the D-backs having the best defense in major league baseball. The Yankees do not have the best defense in baseball, and also play in a very hitter friendly park, so Ray may not be the best option.

Yoshihisa Hirano-RP: 75 Games, 2.44 ERA, 66.1 innings, 59 Ks, 8.0 K/9

Hirano made his major league debut in 2018 and pitched like a stud out of the bullpen all year. The 34 year old right hander from Japan is a free agent after the 2019 season, and so the Dbacks may be looking to deal him during their rebuild. In the NPB in Japan, Hirano put up a 3.10 ERA in 11 seasons as a starter and reliever. With David Robertson entering free agency this year, Hirano may be a good alternative.

Of course, the D-backs will ask for a lot in return for anyone of these players, and the Yankees front office will have to decide if they’re worth any of our top prospects.

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