Can the Yankees Say No to Paul Goldschmidt?

If you are still following October baseball, you may have noticed that offseason speculations have already began to heat up. In the event you haven’t noticed, Manny Machado’s name has come up more times than ever this week and while it should be because he is currently playing in the NLCS with the Dodgers, that is simply not the case.

I am going to spare you on this one. Lets put Manny Machado’s name aside, in fact I’ll do you one better. I’ll put Bryce Harper aside as well.

I’m here to talk about Paul Goldschmidt. For the last four years, anyone who has ever had a baseball conversation with me knows that I believe Paul Goldschmidt is the most under-appreciated player in all of Major League Baseball.

For starters, the market doesn’t support his stardom. While Arizona may be on your bucket list to attend for spring training, there is quite a drop off in baseball interest once April comes around.

The Yankees have a glaring need not at third base, or in the outfield, but at first base. Now don’t get me wrong, if they want to go sign the other guys, (whose names I said I’d spare) I am all for it. After all, the Yankees brass have got themselves into this favorable financial position for this very moment, the 2019 offseason.

But back to first base, Greg Bird’s leash should have run out by now. I can’t imagine that thing has any rope left on it. The next statement that I am about to make will be understood by the wise but criticized by those who get caught up in the moment. And believe me, I tend to get caught up in the moment.

Luke Voit is not the New York Yankees long-term first baseman.

We should forever be grateful for the spark in which he gave a sputtering September ball club, but it should be left at that. If we can move on from Todd Frazier and the value adds that he provided in the 2017 season, namely culture and grit, then we can do the same with Luke Voit.

In comes Paul Goldschmidt. Unlike the other guys, Goldschmidt is what you see. He is a bonified .300 hitter, carries a .400 OBP, is going to hit 30 HRs, and could potentially lead this current Yankees team in stolen bases which is sad, but true.

Next up is his glove. I am tired of having to hold my breathe every time a short hop finds it’s way to first base. Perhaps I became spoiled watching Mark Texeiria scoop baseballs with his eyes closed, but that’s the expectation I have of a Major League first baseman.

Due to him playing in Arizona, you may not have seen Paul Goldschmidt play first base. However, I can assure you that a .996 fielding percentage over eight seasons is quite good.

Yes, he is 31 years old and the “other guys” are 26. I don’t care. I’m asking for just a four year window while we are still getting discounts on our baby bombers. It is time to close the revolving door at first base.

Oh, and did I mention that he already has a nickname that Yankees fans will love?


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