Yankees: Pinstripe Pride Twitter Roundup, 10/16/18

The Pinstripe Pride roundup is a semi-occasional look at our favorite Yankees related tweets. Let’s take a look at the best tweets of the postseason so far. 

Miggy Smalls

Listen, I love the tip of the hat by Sporting New here. Miggy had a fantastic season. But there is no way that the writers aren’t giving A.L. ROY to Ohtani.

Goldy Years?

Love me some Luke Voit, but you know what I love more? Perennial MVP first basemen named Paul Goldschmidt. I can see the Yankees unloading some of that minor league system to land Goldy. He’s the consummate professional and would fit right in with this team. I also could see the Diamondbacks taking a risk on Greg Bird.


Remember Randy Johnson? Zack Greinke is no Randy Johnson.

Flashback Monday

One of the great things about being a Yankees fan is that during October, almost every day offers a great flashback memory from postseasons past.

Oh, Didi Where Art Thou?

This injury reminds me of Jeter going down in 2012. Not quite as brutal, but it was a major injury at the end of a season in which we all thought the Yankees could contend. Where does that leave the Yankees for next year? Should they sign Machado? Should they sign Murphy and move Torres to short while waiting for Didi to recover? Brian Cashman has many difficult decisions to make this offseason.


Manny Being Manny

For those of you who only watch the Yankees, Manny Machado didn’t hustle on a grounder to short that he perhaps could have beaten out or at least forced Arcia to make a more difficult throw. Manny Machado, the guy playing for a huge contract, couldn’t be bothered to hustle out a ground ball during a playoff game.

I’d much rather sign Harper to a long-term deal and have him rotate between First Base and Outfield. At least you know that guy is giving it his all every play.

The Big Board

Thank you, good sir. Here are my favorite Free Agents that the Yankees could potentially go after:

Daniel Murphy

Left-handed pure hitting 2B/1B. Murphy could be the quick fix that the Yankees need while Didi recovers. He’s 34 years-old however so any long-term deal is risky, plus he has an injury history. Still, that swing in Yankee Stadium…

Adeiny Hechavarria

If the Yankees decide to go the cheap route while waiting for Didi to recover, there are worse options than Hechavarria. He’ll give you excellent defense and won’t cost much.

Brett Gardner

The lifelong Yankee had his first down season as a 35-year-old. While Gardy can still play solid defense, his bat has faltered and he’s basically a platoon player. I have no expectations for Jacoby Ellsbury, so Gardy could be a good platoon/bench option.

Bryce Harper

I don’t care that we already have Judge and Stanton. We need a left-handed power bat and Harper has already won an MVP despite being 26 years old. He had a very good season that was widely regarded as a disappointment.

If this is his floor, I’m good with that and he’s deserving of a very long-term deal. Harper will be an elite bat for the next 6-7 years barring injury. If the Yankees sign him, they will have three perennial 50 homer threats in Judge, Stanton, and Harper. How do you pass that up?

Patrick Corbin

People seem to forget that Corbin was very good in his first two seasons. Then injuries hit and stunted his performance. In 2016 he split time between the rotation and bullpen but seemed to be putting it together. His strikeout rate increased and his walk rate decreased in 2017, but more importantly, he made 32 starts.

Then, this past season, Corbin made 33 starts, threw exactly 200 innings, and had an otherworldly 11.07 K/9 and .68 HR/9 despite pitching half his games in Arizona. This is a pitcher who has shown consistent improvement each season and, at 29 years old, may just be entering his prime.

Clayton Kershaw

Kershaw had been the best pitcher in baseball for about 5 years prior to this season. If he chooses to opt out of the two remaining years on his contract, he will be the most sought-after starting pitcher this offseason.

The Yankees should be after him, although, with his recent injury history, his contract should be performance-based, with games started and innings pitched thresholds. Kershaw may not be willing to agree to such terms.

C.C. Sabathia

In his age 38 season, Sabathia showed his mettle and actually improved on his 2017 numbers by increasing his strikeout rate to the highest level since 2012. C.C. was well worth the $10 million contract he received and the Yankees would be smart to bring him back for another year.

Also, the big man is only 14 strikeouts away from 3000 for his career and seems to be knocking on the door of the Hall of Fame. One or two more solid seasons as the elder statesman could solidify his case for the Hall and also help the Yankees compete for their first championship since 2009 when C.C. first signed with the team.

The Enemy of My Enemy…

Absolutely no way would I ever root for the Red Sox under any circumstances, so rooting for the Astros to beat the Red Sox is only natural. Some might ask, “But wouldn’t it be more brutal for the Red Sox to lose in the World Series?” No way. Are you kidding? After a 108-win season, losing is not an option. Not making the World Series (perhaps because of a subpar bullpen…?) would be catastrophic.

I’m rooting for Red Sox catastrophe. Also, it is unacceptable to root for the Astros to win the World Series. In fact, it is never acceptable to root for an A.L. team to win other than the Yankees. You may, however, adopt an N.L. team to root for if the Yankees have been knocked out, but that N.L. team may never be the Dodgers.

Taking these rules into consideration, I’m officially announcing my postseason support for…

Drum roll…


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