Yankees: Reflecting On The Lost 2018 Season

In what was expected to be a magical season for the Yankees following the 2017 playoffs, ends in disappointment after a very confusing regular season.

Over the course of two games in the Bronx for the ALDS, the Yanks played with no sense of urgency. While the 108 win Boston Red Sox played with the urgency expected from a team expecting to win. And that is ultimately where the Yankees fell flat resulting in a lost season in 2018.

Regular Season Recap

In any other season, one hundred wins would be outstanding. But in 2018, it wasn’t good enough to dethrone the Red Sox of their third consecutive AL East Division Crown. The Yankees would play second fiddle to Boston bit would still have a remarkable season. The Bronx BomberS would live up to that moniker and hit 267 home runs breaking the former single-season record (held by the ’01 Seattle Mariners.) The Bombers would set another record with by twelve players hit at least ten home runs. Yankee fans were also graced with the opportunity to witness another stellar rookie campaign from both Miguel Andújar and Gleyber Torres.

But we would also witness some things that would foreshadow the ending for the Yankees. With a first-year manager, there are going to be growing pains. There are going to be things that take on the job knowledge to be able to figure out. However, Aaron Boone’s inability to manage his bullpen would play a downfall for the Yankees all season long. Despite winning one hundred games, an impressive mark to say the least. There were several times throughout the season in which Aaron Boone or whoever was making the bullpen decisions, would bring in a pitcher that was not placed in a position to succeed. For a recent example, Lance Lynn in Game Three of the ALDS.

American League Wild Card

The excitement that the Yankees displayed during their AL Wildcard game against the Oakland A’s was incredible to watch. The electricity in Yankee Stadium permeated through the television screen. And with every hit and base on balls they fans would erupt. The stadium would be similar to that of the old Yankee Stadium. The team would play with desire and ruthless aggression akin to something you would see in WWE and it was a beautiful sight to see as a Yankee fan.

American League Division Series

But alas, that is where the joy and fun would end for Yankee fans and the Yankees themselves. From the first game of the series, the Yankees would look flat. They wouldn’t come out with a sense of urgency that would be shown by the Red Sox and that would carry on throughout the series. The Yanks inability to hit with runners in scoring position would be something that would plague them all season long and in this series as well.

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The Yankees would find themselves with multiple opportunities to cash in and could not find that key hit, and it would cost them dearly as they have been eliminated.

Season Reflection 

Although the Yankees would have an excellent season by most standards in the Bronx, it was an unsuccessful season. As the Boss, George M. Steinbrenner would see it, anything less than a World Series victory is a failure. The BronxBombers have some positives to take away from this season. But also some very big shortcomings as well.

This season could very well mark the end of an era with the last remnants of the 2009 World Series Championship, CC Sabathia and Brett Gardner, likely not returning next season. It’s hard to look at a one hundred win season with disappointment and regret but this season will have those sentiments. The Yankees shocked the world in 2017 as the underdog squad no one expected to be there. But 2018 those feel-good sentiments were erased and the Evil Empire was set to be reborn. So coming up short in that goal will leave a sour taste in the mouth of players and fans alike.

Offseason Focus

Thus this offseason will be a crucial turning point for the Yankees. This offseason has been one of if not the most anticipated offseasons in MLB history. With superstars, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado set to headline this offseason free agent market. The Yankees must take a long hard look in the mirror and set a course that will end with a 28th World Championship.


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