Yankees: Four Likely Free Agent Targets

Although the regular season is not over yet, the Yankees front office is always thinking and planning ahead, especially with the impressive free agent class.

The Yankees will be looking to the most anticipated free agent market since the inception of free agency. So, let’s examine the four most likely candidates the Yankees will pursue.

1. Zach Britton

When the Yankees made the blockbuster acquisition of Zach Britton from the Baltimore Orioles, Britton helped stabilized the bullpen. It was a bullpen that was seemingly showing signs of being overworked.

Also when closer Aroldis Chapman went down with an injury, Britton was called upon to fill that role. Zach has already expressed interest in re-signing with the Bronx Bombers during this coming offseason. And Britton has already demonstrated the ability to not just handle the New York environment but thrive in it.

2. J.A. Happ

Much like Zach Britton, JA Happ’s acquisition has helped solidify the Yankees pitching staff. And Happ has been nothing short of tremendous since donning the Pinstripes. To the point that Happ’s name has been floated around as the potential starter for the AL Wildcard game.

The pitching market this coming offseason has some names on the list but (as is in Zach Britton’s case) JA Happ has proven he can handle the New York market. And pitch well in the Bronx, and even more, so he pitches well against Boston. And the Yankees are not likely to let a starter escape their grasp that handles the Red Sox the way JA Happ does.

3. David Robertson

“Houdini” Robertson has been a savior on a number of occasions for the Bronx Bombers. And his re-signing will likely follow that of Britton and Happ. Since David was reacquired during the 2017 season, he has been a crucial and integral part of the Yankees bullpen success.

As the entire MLB moves towards a “Bullpenning” style of play, the Yankees will look to keep that part of the roster strengthened. And resigning David Robertson goes towards that goal.

4. Andrew McCutchen

Yes, another internal candidate for pursuit by the Yankees front office this coming offseason. It may seem odd as over the last several years as everyone was looking to this impending free agency it was expected that the Yanks would pursue Bryce Harper.

As arguably the biggest name to hit the market since Alex Rodriguez in 2001, Bryce Harper will likely shatter the dollar figure record for a free agent. But with the financial frugality, the Yankees have displayed over the few seasons, it seems unlikely that the Yanks will change course when they have several outfielders already in the fold.

Which brings us to Andrew McCutchen. Cutch has been an Allstar, a Gold Glove and an MVP in his career. And although he may not have all of the attributes he once had, Cutch remains a tremendous asset to the Yankees. Beyond his well above average play on the field, Andrew has a personality that has helped lighten the mood in the clubhouse. Something that can help a team through the long grind that is a Major League Baseball season.

Will The Yankees Spend? 

The Yankees have been able to stay under the $197 million luxury tax threshold. And in doing so, they will reset the penalty that they have been paying. So it will allow them to spend money. The Yankees will likely remain prudent in their offers this coming offseason. But they will not hesitate to place an offer for the players that they are looking to sign. Or in this case the players they should be looking to keep.

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  1. I agree with all except Robertson. I 5hink he is gone down considerably this year and not worth the money he would want.

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