Yankees: Pinstripe Pride Twitter Roundup, 9/11/18

The Pinstripe Pride roundup is a semi-occasional look at our favorite Yankees related tweets. Let’s take a look at the best tweets of the week. 

Null and Voit

Luke Voit has been the hottest hitter acquired via trade thus far this season. I’ve argued previously that Bird should be given his opportunities because he is talented enough to be a star, however, there is not much time left this season. Voit yielding to Bird because of an injury would be so 2018 for the Yankees.

If Only…

Yes, 2018 has been an odd season for the Yankees. You would think this team, with all the under-performers and injuries would be scrambling for a playoff spot. And they are, to a certain extent. Their lead over Oakland for the first Wild Card is only 3.5 games, but the Yankees would have to play terribly over the next few weeks to miss that game.

Even with all of these issues, amazingly, we’re still talking about a team that will threaten 100 wins. Either the Yankees are really good and we’re just underrating them because the Red Sox are that much better, or maybe the AL East win totals are inflated because of Baltimore. The Rays are on pace for 90 wins…

It’s Happening

Even though Billy McKinney is absolutely raking in Toronto, it’s hard to argue against the Happ acquisition. I’m…Happy. In fact, with the way Luis Severino has pitched (if we can really call it pitching…), Happ may end up starting the Wild Card game.

See, even Bob thinks so.

Call me ROY

Last year Aaron Judge broke Joe Dimaggio’s Yankee rookie home run record (and the all-time rookie home run record). This year Miguel Andujar is being mentioned in the same breath as the Yankee Clipper. I don’t care what anyone says, he should beat out Ohtani for ROY.


In a different year, Gleyber Torres would be running away with the Rookie of the Year award. As it is, with the aforementioned Andujar and Ohtani, Gleyber will have to settle for being really, really, ridiculously good.

Gary is Scary

Perhaps this is a glimmer of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel for an otherwise disappointing season for the young Yankees catcher. Could it be that El Gary was too injured to perform while on the field for the majority of the season? I hope so because Gary really is scary when he’s hitting.

Very Scary

Odd that Gary is the loan Yankee on this list.

Streaky Stanton

After watching Giancarlo in Miami the past few seasons, I can attest that he is a streaky player. It’s maddening. Hopefully, he starts streaking in the right direction again.

Tis the Season

This is the most exciting time of the year for baseball. No other sports exist until November as far as anyone should be concerned.

Rising to the Occasion?

Please, please, please, please, please come back soon! Please. Gary is back. Didi is back. Judge needs to be back. Remember, it really does not matter how many games a team wins during the regular season, they just have to peak at the right time. If the Yankees are 100% healthy on October 1st, the A’s will be facing a completely different lineup than the one they shut down last week.

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