Yankees: Three Potential Waiver Trade Candidates

The waiver trade deadline is quickly approaching, so we are going to take a look at a few potential names the Yankees could take a look at.

Throughout the course of a Major League Baseball season, teams will have ups and downs and the New York Yankees are no different. Over the last few weeks, the Yankees have played better yet still inconsistent baseball.

New York hasn’t always demonstrated this season, the offense that fans have come to expect from the Bronx Bombers. So with only two days left before the waiver trading season ends let’s take a look at a few players the Yankees can consider.

Ryan Zimmerman

Ryan Zimmerman is the longest tenured Washington National as has put on some impressive moments for them in their short history. But with the Nationals in the midst of their fire sale “Zim” has cleared waivers and the Yanks should take a look into potentially acquiring him.

Through 192 at-bats in 2018, Ryan has 12 home runs and 39 rbi’s and slashing .260/.332/.526. And yes, Zimmerman much like the Yankees own first baseman has been an injury concern throughout their careers. But even with only having 56 under his belt in 2018, Zimmerman has outproduced Greg Bird.

The Bronx Bombers have not received much out of the first base position since the retirement of Mark Teixeira. And Ryan Zimmerman could provide some added offensive production.

Now the caveat with Zimmerman is the contract. Zimmerman is under contract through 2019 ($18 million.) Followed by another $18 million option in 2020 with a $2 million buyout. So if the Yankees are to make a deal for the corner infielder they will need to have the Nationals kick in some cash. Yet they will still come pressed up to the luxury tax threshold. But bringing in a versatile veteran with playoff experience could be an added benefit for a very young ballclub.

Matt Wieters

Another position that the Yankees have gotten a lot less productive than they expected is at catcher. Gary Sanchez possesses otherworldly potential but this season has regressed severely. Because of injury and just overall ineffectiveness, Sanchez has given way to Austin Romine and Kyle Higashioka. And at a clip more often than the Yankee brass could have expected.

Therefore, the second National that the Yankees should look into acquiring is the services of Matt Wieters. Wieters has always been an underrated catcher since his days in Baltimore.

In 2018, Austin Romine has enjoyed a career high in nearly all offensive categories. But as he has played more those numbers have continued to drop. Proven by his last 7 games, Romine is slashing .143/.174/.286. As compared to Wieters through his last 7 games, is slashing .333/.391/.524. The Yankees need more than just a receiver behind the dish and for the final month-plus of the season, Wieters can be that guy. And even when Gary Sanchez returns, Wieters can work with him on blocking.

As Wieters is also a big man behind the dish and has been catching for a long time and been well viewed as a catcher. If Wieters is acquired he can take the starting catcher spot and have Gary Sanchez DH, while Aaron Judge is still in the mend.

Andrew McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen was once one of the top stars in the MLB. However, as he has gotten older he no longer is seen as a perennial MVP. But he is still a very valuable asset to have for a pennant chase. McCutchen currently has 15 home runs and 54 RBIs, playing a majority of his games in the expansive AT&T Park in San Francisco.

The Yankees were not expected to need outfield assistance this season, but with the injury to Judge still lingering having McCutchen provides depth. A veteran presence in the lineup that works pitches and can play decent defense in the corner outfield spots will be a much-needed upgrade over Shane Robinson.

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