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Yankees: Ryan McBroom Discusses Success In Triple-A (Interview)

Yankees prospect Ryan McBroom has been crushing the ball in the minor leagues, so we conducted an interview with him to find out some more information. 

With their selection in the 15th round of the 2014 MLB Draft, the Toronto Blue Jays selected Ryan McBroom out of West Virginia University. McBroom was then traded to the Yankees in 2017 in exchange for Rob Refsnyder.

Since arriving in the Yankees organization, McBroom has flourished. In 109 games split between Double-A and Triple-A in 2018, the right-handed slugger has slashed .309/.351/.476 with 15 home runs and 56 RBIs.

He was heavily being considered for a call-up to replace struggling Shane Robinson in the Bronx, but a recent back injury has held him back from being able to do so. However, it is in the plans for him to return to action very soon and continue his impressive season.

McBroom took the time to conduct an interview with us and discuss his recent success:

Patrick Hennessy: While attending West Virginia University, how did you feel the coaches there prepared you for the professional level? 

Ryan McBroom: Great coaching staff at WVU. Started with Van Zant my first two years then coach Mazey came in for the second half of my career when we entered the big 12. Both did a really good job preparing me for my professional career. 

Hennessy: In 2017, New York Yankees acquired you from the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for Rob Refsnyder. What was your reaction when you found out? 

McBroom: It was a mixture of emotions. I was so excited to join the Yankees and continue to pursue my goal but also was tough leaving the Blue Jays and all of the relationships I had built there.

Hennessy: Over the span of the 2018 season you have been swapped between Double-A and Triple-A numerous times, how do you mentally adjust to make sure you are not affected by the constant movement? 

McBroom: I simply go out and help my team win every single day. I have a job to do and I made a promise to myself that bouncing back and forth would not affect my mental state. It actually improved it, to be honest.

Hennessy: Your offensive numbers have dramatically improved between 2017 and 2018. Are there any specific adjustments you have made? 

McBroom: I’m figuring out myself as a hitter. I’m understanding how pitchers are attacking me but most of all improving my mentality at the dish. Staying aggressive on the fastball. 

Hennessy: Throughout your tenure in the Yankees organization, have there been any coaches that have stuck out to you and were most influential to your game? 

McBroom: There have definitely been a few but Phil Plantier our hitting coach this year in Scranton definitely had a lot of impact on me as a player. He’s fun to be around and understands hitting.

Hennessy: You have spent time in the outfield as well as first base, is there a spot where you feel most comfortable in? 

McBroom: I love the fact I can play outfield as well. I enjoy both spots. Both feel extremely comfortable. 

Hennessy: While growing up in Virginia, was there a player that you idolized and attempted to model your game after?

McBroom: Of course. There are a few players I love to watch. But if I had to pick a hitter I try and model my game around it’s definitely Nelson Cruz. 

Hennessy: If there was one thing you wanted to let Yankee fans know about you, what would it be? 

McBroom: My whole family is from Brooklyn. Grew up huge Yankee fans and know the culture of winning that comes with wearing pinstripes. 

Hennessy: Being in Triple-A, you are only one step away from the major leagues. What do you do to stay ready for a potential call-up?

McBroom: I get better every day. I continue to work and do what I’ve been doing for years, which is compete. My competitiveness is what got me to where I am today. I’m always trying to be the best.

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