Yankees: Solving The Shane Robinson Problem

Yankees fans are becoming increasingly frustrated with seeing Shane Robinson in the lineup every day, but is there an instant fix?

In the age of Twitter, fans get to see the lineups very soon after they are put out. So, this past week, Yankees fans have got to see Shane Robinson’s name on the card, and they have been very upset about it. I don’t need to even give you stats for you to know that Robinson is bad. Here’s one anyways though: He has a .233 OBP in 12 games this year and hasn’t posted an OBP above .300 since 2013.

He is a decent fielder, but the guy just can’t hit very well. The reason he is playing so much is that Aaron Judge is hurt and Giancarlo Stanton is nursing an injured hamstring. Add this together with the Billy Mckinney and Tyler Austin trades and Jacoby Ellsbury and Clint Frazier injuries and that leaves with you with no one but Shane Robinson.

Now, let’s talk about solving this problem. I see two options. The first is playing Neil Walker in right field. This is a very temporary fix. You are losing defense, but it is definitely an upgrade at the plate. I’m not in love with this idea, but I wouldn’t be opposed to rolling with it for a short time.

The second option is a trade. Some names to consider: Curtis Granderson, Jose Bautista, Andrew Mccutchen. These are the obvious ones, but there are always more names that we don’t think about that could be better than Robinson. I would be happy with pretty much anybody at this point.

I think the best fix would have been Cameron Maybin, but Cashman missed out on that one. As great as a fix would be, there might not be one coming soon. We might just have to suffer with Shane Robinson. That being said, I don’t ever count Cashman out. If he is able to find a fix, I’d have to believe he would do it.

It could still be a few weeks until Aaron Judge is back, and with a large AL East deficit looming, the Yankees can not afford to keep running Shane Robinson out there on a daily basis.

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