The Yankees Need To Let Their Starters Pitch Deeper Into Games

In what feels like an everyday concern, the New York Yankees bullpen is faltering. This could be an effect of New York’s starters not going deep into games. 

In Tuesday night’s contest against the Chicago White Sox, the Yankees bullpen surrendered another lead late in the game. This time it was Zach Britton, Sunday night in Boston was Aroldis Chapman.

The bullpen of the Yankees that has been a strength all season, but is now showing signs of weakness. However, the bullpen giving up leads late in two of the last three games is a sign of something deeper.

Over Use

No matter how good a bullpen might be, when they are overworked they will falter. Now let’s be clear that in both Sunday and Tuesday night’s game the bullpen was overall effective. However, the more outs needed by the Yankees bullpen the more likely someone is not to have his “Good Stuff.” As was the case with Aroldis on Sunday night and Britton Monday night.

The Yankees added some depth during the non-wavier trading season with the additions of J.A. Happ and Lance Lynn. Lynn pitched very well in relief of Sonny Gray‘s abysmal outing at Yankee Stadium last Wednesday. And he pitched even better in his first start for the Bronx Bombers on Monday night in Chicago.

What If The Yankees Played In The National League?

J.A. Happ had a good first outing in Pinstripes then quickly found himself on the DL with “Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.” Happ is however scheduled to come off the DL and make his second start on Thursday against the Texas Rangers.

Needed Length

The Yankees have used their bullpen a lot this season due to starters not giving the Yankees consistent length in their starts. This causes the Yankee relievers to be called on early and often in games. Inconsistent outings in terms of effectiveness and distance leave the team is a dangerous position. The Yankees must get back to basics and get length in order to turn things around. That way the bullpen isn’t overtaxed and ineffective.

Four of the five Yankee starters; Masahiro Tanaka, CC Sabathia, Sonny Gray and the rotating cavern that has been fifth starter spot have not given the Yankee’s distance. Thus leading to early outings from the pen.

One thing that the Yankee’s Ace Luis Severino has been able to do even when he’s struggled has been giving them length. The additions the Yanks made should help with that. The workload that has already been placed on the bullpen will not be alleviated. However, with length from the starters, the bullpen can recuperate before the stretch run to the playoffs.

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  1. I agree with your premise about not burning out the relief corps but I think the two examples you used were not good ones. Chapman had not pitched for about 6 days – that is why he had no control that night against the Red Sox and Britton had only been used once or twice before giving up the homer. However, Green and Holder are certainly showing signs of overuse. Anyway, your are correct in the starters needing to go deeper, just think the two examples could have been better ones. Good article though.

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