Yankees: Jacoby Ellsbury Undergoes Hip Surgery

Yankees outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury, who has yet to step on the field this season, underwent season-ending hip surgery on Monday.

The Yankees experience with the Jacoby Ellsbury experiment has not gone to plan so far, to say the least. He has suffered injury after injury as well as not performing at a great level when he is rarely even on the field.

On Monday, Ellsbury successfully underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left hip to repair a torn labrum. The surgery was performed by Dr. Bryan Kelly at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan.

The recovery time for a surgery of this magnitude is six months, which would leave Ellsbury to just being fully recovered by the time next year’s spring training camp will be getting started.

Yankees: Let’s Not Start To Panic Just Yet

It has really become a joke among Yankees fans when Jacoby Ellsbury’s name is mentioned, solely because of how much of a disaster his tenure in New York has been. Unfortunately, it is very possible he never even graces the field again.

Throughout his four seasons in New York, Ellsbury slashed .264/.330/.386 with 102 stolen bases. His numbers aren’t all that bad, but he just hasn’t been able to stay on the field.

Ellsbury is on pace for a long recovery time, but we wish him the best in his efforts to eventually get back on the field.

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