Yankees: Pinstripe Pride Roundup (Trade Deadline Edition)

The Pinstripe Pride roundup is a semi-occasional look at our favorite Yankees related tweets. Let’s take a look at the best tweets of the week.

Hot Stove Updates

Great Britton

As laid out here, the Yankees were targeting a left-handed reliever and they got their man. After Brad Hand was traded, Britton became the premier lefty on the market. Sure he hasn’t been stellar this year, but we’ve seen him be elite in 2016. Hopefully, he can round into form come playoff time (and the Yankees will actually use him…).

I’m a sucker for players who respect the pinstripes. Think about all those great players who have donned this uniform throughout the ages. Godspeed Great Britton.


Whelp. The Yankees got their starting pitcher. J.A. Happ. Mixed feelings on this one. Happ is durable, will eat innings, and he’ll perform adequately. Do I feel comfortable handing him the ball to start a playoff game? No more so than anyone else they could have acquired I guess…


Oh, nevermind. I actually feel better giving the ball the J.A. Happ in a playoff game than I do giving it to Lance Lynn.

I’m sure this is the sentiment of many fans tonight.

But it’s not all bad. Lynn is another innings eater. Something the Yankees desperately need in the regular season. Let’s also not forget that Lance Lynn didn’t get a spring training this year. The first third of his season was terrible. The last 2/3rd has been right in line with his career numbers, and that’s with a switch to the American League. Lynn will give the Yankees quality innings and, if he gets the opportunity, he’ll have a short leash in the playoffs.

  And Tyler too…

Always sad to see role players leave, but few have left a mark on a team like Tyler Austin did this season. We will always remember Austin’s huge brawl against the hated Red Sox. This little scrum might have earned Austin a permanent future with the Yankees at Old Timer’s Day.


Let the rivalry continue! I love Lynn going out there campaigning already. Choosing the low hanging fruit to build up his rep with the Yankee faithful. Here’s a guy who’s EXCITED to get booed at Fenway. Sign me up. Killer instinct right there.

Chasen International Arms

There were plenty of mixed feelings about Shreve being traded. He hadn’t performed well this year, but recently he had a great outing against Tampa. Just as it seemed Shreve could be winning over fans, Cash deals him to snipe the top-ranked international pitcher. Cash cashes in.

Warren out welcome

Wait, what?


So, shortly before the Yankees acquired Lynnsanity, Cashman traded Adam Warren to the Mariners. The move seemed odd, but it looks like the salary the Yankees saved by shipping off Warren was then used to pay off Lynn, thereby making his acquisition payroll neutral. That’s some 3D chess.


Well, Shreve wasn’t that great. Warren though was having another outstanding year. Letting Warren go makes me think a Sheffield or Kahnle promotion is in the cards, unless we acquire another reliever.

The Thrill of Victory…

Well, Happ came right in and did what we wanted him to. A quality start against a division rival. Hopefully, he can build on that great start.

…And the agony of defeat

Oof. Couldn’t have gone much worse for Britton. Luckily the Yankees were able to pull out the victory and hopefully, Britton will redeem himself.


Complain all you want about trading guys who aren’t going to play for the major league team this year, but Brian Cashman is waving his magic wand again. He’s turning assets he has no use for this year into investments in international players that could be part of the dynasty going forward. Who are some international free agents on the current roster? Luis Severino and Gary Sanchez. Cashman knows what he’s doing. He’s a wizard.

Roster Crunch

The Yankees simply have an embarrassment of riches and just can’t afford to move on from these players who won’t be able to play on the team this year, and probably not next year. Trading major league ready assets who have no spot, for players who will develop later makes a ton of sense.

Could Stephen Tarpley be a lefty reliever that helps the big club down the stretch?

Ye of little faith?

I feel you Mel, but Britton has Cy Young level upside and international money means international players. The money saved on Lynn gives us way more innings than Warren would have given us. You have to give to get.

Or, Cashman traded two relievers and three players with no roster spot for two starting pitchers…the one position we clearly have a need at.

The Mets!

Just in case Cash isn’t done, here are some more ideas

Sometimes trade season is just too much to handle.

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