The Yankees Need To Preserve CC Sabathia Down The Stretch

The second half of the season is underway and the Yankees are going to need to find a way to preserve CC Sabathia down the stretch to keep him rested. 

In his 18th season, CC Sabathia has been proven he still has it and is one of the very few pitchers the Yankees can rely on to go out every fifth they and give them a quality start.

In 18 games started this year, the veteran has thrown 100 innings and holding an outstanding ERA of 3.51 and striking out 77 batters. While this may not seem like much for a starter, the Yankees need to keep in mind CC  has thrown close to 3500 innings and has had knee problems which aren’t going to go away. Which is why it is crucial for the Bronx Bombers to start keeping an eye on their playoff number two.

One way the Yankees have started to prepare for this is by adding division rival J.A. Happ, who has had a career year and will certainly add depth and another good arm, which the Yankees certainly need as they are struggling to find production from the starters outside of Sabathia and Luis Severino.

With a week to go until the trade deadline, the magician Brian Cashman needs to be looking for another starter to add depth and give the Yankees quality innings despite already acquiring Happ.

Another route the Yankees can get to preserve number 52 is turn to a six-man rotation. While this isn’t very plausible currently, this can change if Cashman decides to go out and add another starter whether that is Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, or even another option it should certainly be explored by the front office to add even more depth and get another starter to eat innings and preserve the arms of their front-end starters.

It is no secret that Sabathia is looking to win the chip this year and retire on a high note and repeat his postseason success from last season. but if the Yankees want him to be successful they are going to have to take it easy on him down the stretch. Whichever road the pinstripes decide to take it is no question they need the big man well rested for the postseason if they want to make a deep run in 2018.

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