Yankees: What Happened In Tampa Bay?

Over the last three days, the Yankees succame to a series loss to the Tampa Bay Rays. Adding insult to injury, Gary Sanchez was once again placed on the DL. 

For most of the season, the Yankees have had smooth sailing through the terrain of the MLB. They have run roughshod over most clubs, slugging them to death. While also getting relatively good pitching performances.

However, that has seemingly only come against top-tier talent ball clubs. This series loss to Tampa was just another in the long line of Yankee inconsistency against .500 or below teams.

DL Bound Again

Gary Sanchez has struggled this season, that’s no secret. Yet, he remains a focal point in conversations, but not for the right reasons. As witnessed Gary Sanchez on more than one play during his two-game stint in Tampa showed less than a real effort. Which makes his re-placing on the DL all the more insulting.

As fans, we can accept if a player is taking it easy running to first on a routine play to try to preserve health. However, that won’t excuse him from plays that actually matter like when the bases are loaded and the game is on the line. Lofing on retrieving a passed ball is unacceptable in any circumstance. But it is downright a disrespect sight when a runner scores from second base on that passed ball.

Sanchez has been placed on the Disabled List again, this time until late August, early Septemeber. Gary truly has potential to be a key piece in the Yankees lineup for many years. But he is going to need to play with hustle and heart, things that seemed to be lacking on two key plays in Tampa.

New Old Opportunities

This DL stint will once again mean more playing time for Austin Romine. Romine has been the Yankees backup catcher for several years and has never amounted to much at the plate. That was until this season when Romine switched to a more closed off stance.

But over the last several weeks Romine hasn’t quite the same results as early in the season. Over his last seven games, Romine is slashing just .174/.200/.348. And even if we take it a step further over his last 15 games the slash line isn’t much better .188/.231/.375. Romine is a decent backup catcher but it is very clear that the Yankees have a weak spot in the lineup without a productive Gary Sanchez.

Cashman Making Moves

The Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman worked another one of his brilliant moves and strengthen a Yankee strength. Cash traded for the Baltimore Orioles closer Zach Britton for three pitching prospects, Dillon Tate, Josh Rogers and Cody Carroll.

While it may be seen as a somewhat high price to pay for a rental. All three players would have been on the bubble in the offseason due to the 40-man roster crunch that plagues the Yankees each and every season. Brian Cashman was able to keep Britton away from the Boston Red Sox. While also giving himself leverage against teams in the search for another starter.

Deadline Deals Coming?

Come playoff time the Yankees have the formula for a deep run, starters give you 4-5 innings and a bullpen full of dominant late-inning type relievers. Obviously, Brian Cashman and the Yankees would love to get another reliable starting pitcher.

However with less than a week until the July 31st, non-waiver trade deadline the prices are seemingly still too high for less than top-tier starting pitchers. Cashman has been able to make things happen and pull trades off out of nowhere.

For proof of that just look at last year’s trade season with the acquisitions of Todd Fraizer, David Robertson, Tommy Kahnle and Sonny Gray. So the deadline is 4 pm on Tuesday and we just have to wait and see what Cash can do.

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  1. While the Yankees need starting pitching, I would hate to see them give more young talent away for a mid or end rotation pitcher like Happ unless there are strong concerns they will be lost in the Rule 5 draft. Again, panic moves leave you with bad deals like Ellsbury to name one. As for Romine, there is a reason he is a backup catcher. When he plays every day, his weaknesses at bat show through.

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