The Yankees Need To Get Matt Harvey In Pinstripes

With the Manny Machado sweepstakes finally being over it is time for the New York Yankees to shift their attention to the starting pitching market and Matt Harvey should be their man. 

With the Yankees needing to acquire a starter desperately at the trade deadline for their playoff push and while Matt Harvey is a huge risk, but he can be a huge reward if he can return to his old self.

When Harvey first made his MLB debut in 2013, he instantly came into the league and was considered the future of the Mets franchise and was in the running for the Cy Young that season with Clayton Kershaw. Even when he returned from Tommy John Surgery in 2015, he was a huge factor in leading the Mets to the World Series, sadly this was his final year of success and has since hit his downfall.

The former “Dark Knight” had a few rough patches throughout the years due to injuries and not being able to replicate the velocity he once had. Since 2016, Harvey has had trouble posting an ERA over four and barely touching 94-95 on his fastball. Since being traded from the Mets to Cincinnati however, Harvey has recently returned to his dominant ways that could be worth the risk for the Yankees to take.

In the last 30 days, Harvey has posted an ERA of 1.86 in just under 30 innings pitched and has found his velocity and secondary pitches, which is what made him so dominant in 2013 and 2015. While it is a very small sample size, it is very promising that the 29-year-old can return to his old ways and with his postseason experience he knows what it takes to get it done in big-time situations and is used to the big stage of New York.

The Yankees would not need to give much for Harvey either considering he is a rental who has just recently found success, so it is more than likely that Brian Cashman would only have to give a mid-level and lower level type prospect in return.

Ever since Harvey made an appearance at Derek Jeter‘s final home game it almost seemed like destiny he would one day put on the pinstripes, and there is no better time than now for Harvey to reclaim his name as the Dark Knight and play a crucial role down the stretch for the World Series hopeful New York Yankees.


  1. Are you crazy? Harvey has not proven he can handle the pressure of New York and its social life. Not to mention, from all accounts, the Yankees clubhouse is a drama free zone. Why would you inject a wild card like Matt Harvey at this juncture in the season. Makes absolutely no sense at all. Sorry, you get an “f” for this idea.

  2. How wouldn’t want him to start over sonny grey.. I think you get a f for shooting this down..I know plenty of yankee fans myself included who’d love to get him

    1. And there are plenty of Yankee fans who don’t so I guess its a draw. As for Sonny- two wrongs don’t make a right.

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