Yankees All-Stars Pose with Manny Machado (Photo)

Fire up those trade rumors, we have a picture of the New York Yankees all-stars posing with potential trade candidate, Manny Machado.

After weeks of Manny Machado rumors, the pot is going to be stirred again. This picture was just released and man, it is really fun to look at.

Let me help you with the visual: Take this photo, but throw in the 2018 World Series Trophy, some goggles, and a big bottle of champagne. Ah, what a beautiful sight.

That didn’t finish things though. Check out this clip.

It looks like Machado’s nephew knows where he wants him to play. Be careful, little man, or you’re going to be getting a call from the league office about tampering.

Whether Machado gets traded to the Yankees or not, the picture and video are making the storyline that much more fun and interesting. I mean, c’mon, how can Brian Cashman not trade for Machado after seeing that little boy?

Stick to Unhinged Yankees through the All-Star break and Trade Deadline to stay on “Machado Watch” for any rumors and breaking news that should happen to go down.

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