Yankees: Pinstripe Pride Roundup, 7/10/18

The Pinstripe Pride roundup is a semi-occasional look at our favorite Yankees related tweets. Let’s take a look at the best tweets of the week. 


Congratulations to Yankees rookie Gleyber Torres on making his first All-Star Game!

A well deserved all-star nod to the rookie.

In 241 PAs this year, Gleyber has 15 home runs and is slashing .294/.350/.555. Those are phenomenal numbers for any player. Torres is doing it as a 21-year-old rookie second baseman. The future is bright! It’s a bummer that he’s on the DL and we won’t get to see him play in D.C., but this should be the first of many appearances in the midsummer classic for Gleyber.

All-Stars for Everyone

No surprises here. These four (core four!?!) deserve to be on the squad. Let’s get Stanton in now too.


Giancarlo, the reigning NL MVP, and 2018 Yankees hit leader (yup), is on the cusp of getting voted into the All-Star game. Let’s make up for all those boos he heard earlier this year and reward him for not crumbling under the weight of playing in New York. Click here to vote for Giancarlo!

Home runs are super valuable, so I can see why this argument makes sense.

Click here to vote for Giancarlo!

Tired of Winning…Not

I am never ever going to tire of seeing Stanton and Judge absolutely crush pitches from terrible Orioles starting pitching.

I like where your head’s at…

As much as I’d love to see Degrom rocking the pinstripes, this is absolutely not going to happen. Ever.

Cash. Man.

Aaron Hicks is a lot better than John Ryan Murphy. In fact, Hicks is better than a lot of players. He is ranked 33rd in fWAR over the past two seasons in only 157 games. The list of players he’s ahead of despite playing fewer games includes Manny Machado, Cody Bellinger, Andrew Benintendi, Marcell Ozuna, and Trea Turner. If healthy — and that is a big if — Aaron Hicks could be a top 10 position player in the league. Once again, if you haven’t figured it out, Brian Cashman is a wizard.

CC’s wOs

Maybe don’t start C.C. against the Orioles for a while…


Of course, if this cabbie’s info is correct and the Yankees land Machado, then CC might have a bit easier time navigating that Orioles lineup.

Our Rock

Brett Gardner recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary in pinstripes. He has been a mainstay at the top of the lineup and, more importantly, he has not been Jacoby Ellsbury. The Yankees have a team option on Gardy next season and speculation is that they won’t pick up the option. I hope this is wrong and the Yankees pick up the option. I base this not on sentimentality, but on numbers.

Gardner is consistently above league average as a hitter and defender. He gets on base, has a little pop, and can steal a bag when needed. The team that gets on base the most this year is the Chicago Cubs with a .347 OBP. Brett Gardner’s OBP? .347. I understand that the Yankees outfield is crowded, but Gardner is slashing .257/.356/.410 against righties this year. In a lineup with a lot of right-handed bats, Gardner will be useful in platoon situations and defense off the bench next year.

La Verdad

Can Cessa’s nickname be “La Verdad?” Someone ask Sir Didi.


Of course, we need to pay our Re2pect to the Captain. I remember Jeter crushing that 3,000th hit over the left field wall and, like everything else he did, it was a storybook moment. In later years, Jeter would go on to trade Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees, and Stanton would pay homage to the captain by hitting a home run on July 9, 2018.

Also, if there’s one thing David Price is good at, it’s crumbling under the crippling pressure of a big moment against the Yankees.

Don’t forget!  Click here to vote for Giancarlo!

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