Should The Yankees Trade For Mike Moustakas?

A recent report suggests the Yankees are interested in Mike Moustakas as a first baseman but should they pull the trigger?

A report was put out within the past few days, that suggests the Yankees are possibly looking for a replacement for Greg Bird. The report says the Yankees have looked into trading for Mike Moustakas, of the Kansas City Royals, and moving him from third base to first base.

Let’s start with what they would be getting and what it would take. They would be getting a rental for the fairly cheap price of 6.5 million (possibly less after the trade) and a rental that is a left-handed power bat. As for what it would take, it probably wouldn’t be too big of a package, maybe a few mid-level prospects.

Moustakas hit 38 homers last year and has hit for 115 OPS+ so far this year. That number is deceiving though, as he has declined every month and has dealt with back spasms recently. In June and July, he really hasn’t been that much better than Greg Bird.

Do I see the Yankees doing this? Personally, no, I don’t. If Greg Bird gets back to a decent level, he is a better hitter than Moustakas is. I just don’t see the Yankees giving up on Bird just yet.

Other than replacing Bird, there really is no reason to get Moustakas. He doesn’t really offer versatility. He plays third, which is held by Miguel Andujar, and he would be learning first base on the fly. Sure, he would be another left-handed bat but, there wouldn’t be anywhere for him to play.

Yankees fans are very frustrated with Bird, and rightfully so, but I just don’t think Brian Cashman will have a quick trigger with him. I’ve written before that the Yankees love Bird and I stand by that position. I believe he will get a long leash.

For those reasons I just don’t see the Yankees getting a rental who has never played first base and who has struggled of late, including health issues. Although these rumors pop up around the deadline, I think the Yankees will be focused on pitching help, not a replacement for Greg Bird.

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