What Can The Yankees Do With Sonny Gray?

With Sonny Gray struggling mightily so far in 2018, what are the New York Yankees’ options in handling the lost right-hander?

Sonny Gray has disappointed in 2018. There can be so much more said about it, but it really is that simple. After another dud performance last night, Yankees fans are upset and rightfully so. It is evident that he is even upset with himself and understands where the fans are coming from.

“If I was out there, I probably would’ve booed me louder,” Gray told Coley Harvey of ESPN. “I understand how important these games are and understand how important every game is, especially here with the Yankees. We expect to win.

The Yankees traded some pretty good prospects for this guy, with the hopes that he could be a great number three for them. It has not panned out for them in that way. Now, fans are clamoring to trade Sonny Gray for a stack of good books, thinking they’d get the good part of that deal.

So, what are the Yankees’ options with Sonny Gray? I think there are a few but they all involve sticking with Gray. The first and what I see as the next move is to give Sonny the classic “clear your head” DL stint.

This doesn’t always work, but it is sometimes effective. The next option would be sending him down. I think this is a feasible option, with that being said I see the Yankees trying something else first.

The last feasible option would be a stint in the bullpen. I see this as the least likely of the three ideas. I think that for a veteran starter to work out their issues, the bullpen might not be the best place to do it.

Now, I know I’m missing the trade option. I just honestly don’t see the Yankees trading him yet. If they traded him, they wouldn’t get much back at this time. I do not see Brian Cashman selling low on a guy, who has the pedigree and has had a few bad months.

One thing to remember is that the Yankees are lacking some pitching depth right now. They have some guys in the minors, but the major league staff is a bit short with Masahiro Tanaka out. I think a move with Gray might not be made until the Yankees have a solid fill-in.

Although it has been an unfortunate start to the season for Gray, I still think his lifeline with the Yankees is pretty long. If this continues into September though, he could very well find himself on exile island, otherwise known as the unused starter in the playoffs.


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