One Key Trade That Could Complete The Yankees’ World Series Push

It’s no secret the Yankees are going to be very active in the search for a starting pitcher come July. However, the question of who their key acquisition will be is still very much uncertain, and with a little over a month to go before the non-waiver trade deadline, we’re going to look at a move that could make or break the Yankee season.

Assuming Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner have intentions of filling out their injury-riddled rotation with a mid to top-tier starter, then Chris Archer of the Tampa Bay Rays has to at least be in consideration to don the pinstripes. Although the 29-year-old has been linked to the Bombers in the past, it may finally be the time to pull the trigger on the right-hander.

Despite being placed on the 10-day DL on June 5 with a left abdominal strain, Archer has posted solid numbers after getting out of the gate roughly in April (6.75 ERA in 26.2 INN). Through 13 starts, he’s put up a 4.24 ERA/3.79 FIP in 76.1 innings while striking out 76. With a 2.47 ERA in his past seven outings, he seems to be turning things around just in time for a possible postseason push with a new club.

As it sits right now, the Yankees postseason rotation would look something like this:

Now, of course, it’s clearly a more than serviceable staff, especially with the Yankees’ 24-year-old ace Luis Severino leading the way. However, nonetheless, would adding Chris Archer to the mix who averaged an 11.15 K/9 in 2017 while putting up a FIP of 3.40 help compete with a deadly Houston Astros’ rotation? Without a doubt.

Certainly, Archer does have his downsides. Example A is the 27 long balls he gave up last season, which placed as the 16th-worst in the American League. Put him in Yankee Stadium and there’s even more of a cause for concern. But the easy counter to that argument is to take a look at what other starters are out there.

The easy one to name is the heavily rumoured Cole Hamels, a veteran lefty with a surplus of postseason experience. Then there are the other possibilities like that of the Padres’ Tyson Ross or even someone as unlikely as Madison Bumgarner of the Giants.

Nonetheless, Chris Archer is certainly in the realms of likelihood, despite the fact that it would be an in-division trade that would absolutely cost a hefty price. But if I’m Brian Cashman and I have a reasonable deal within reach to acquire the former 5th-round pick, I’m jumping on it.  


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