Yankees: Manny Machado Should No Longer Be In Future Plans

It always seemed like destiny that the Yankees would land Manny Machado, but now with Miguel Andujar‘s arrival, they should be having second guesses. 

A little over a month ago I brought up the notion that Miguel Andujar has the ability to keep Manny Machado’s potential $300M contract out of the Bronx. Although at the time it was just a mere guess, now it’s starting to almost look like a certainty as Andujar continues to put up potent numbers through June.

Entering Monday night’s contest, the 23-year-old is slashing .293/.321/.518 with a whopping 22 doubles, leading every 3rd baseman in baseball. Not only has he been a legitimate power threat, he’s been consistent, never letting his monthly average drop below .289.

“I’m ready for every situation. This is the game. I try to do my job and help the team,” Andujar said. “We have good players here. I feel good to be part of this team.”

As for Machado, he’s currently in the midst of the best season of his career. Through 69 games, the former 3rd overall pick has slashed .310/.377/.567 while posting a fWAR of 2.8. With 18 home runs, he ranks at the top of all shortstops in the category.

Miguel Andujar’s stats through 58 games (with 162 game pace)

  • 58 Games / 162 Games
  • BA: .293 / .293
  • OBP: .321 / .321
  • SLG: .518 / .518
  • OPS+: 127 / 127
  • 2B: 58 / 61
  • HR: 8 / 22
  • SO: 43 / 120
  • fWAR: 1.0 / 2.8

Manny Machado’s stats through 69 games (with 162 game pace)

  • 58 / 162
  • BA: .308 / .308
  • OBP: .377 / .377
  • SLG: .570 / .570
  • OPS+: 160 / 160
  • 2B: 15 / 35
  • HR: 18 / 42
  • SO: 44 / 103
  • fWAR: 2.8 / 6.6

Certainly, Machado is the clear better player, but not to the point of absurdity that would make the Yankees’ front office dismiss Andujar’s talent and years of control left. However, despite the outstanding number’s he’s put up at the plate thus far, is Manny to the Bronx a long-outdated theory by now?

It seems like that has to be the case. Now, of course, there is still more than half a season left to play, but from everything we’ve seen so far, Andujar is the guy going forward.

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