Yankees: Pinstripe Pride Twitter Roundup, 6/12/18

The Pinstripe Pride roundup is a semi-occasional look at our favorite Yankees related tweets. Let’s take a look at the best tweets of the week. 

…And Chill?

Usually, after I wake up, I hit the snooze alarm like 50 times. After I finally wake up, I generally check to see what time the Yankees are playing that day. One of the great things about baseball compared to other sports, is that it’s played almost daily for six months. A true endurance test. Monday was one of those days when the Yankees did not play. I feel you 0akster. And also, I suggest watching The Crown on Netflix.

One Sox, Two Sox, White Sox, Red Sox

Always nice to see the Red Sox stumbling against teams they should clearly beat, especially when a Chris Sale start results in an L.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

*Checks box score*

Dylan Bundy – 8 IP 0 runs. NICE!! Orioles = Frenemy


Orioles – 0 runs in 12 innings

Wow, I usually don’t throw shade on the Orioles this early, but come on! They didn’t even start Machado on Monday!


Listen, Tanaka just went down. Monty is getting TJ. We haven’t traded Clint Frazier for Fulmer yet. Will we be #bullpenning a few games? Possibly. How would that look? Probably glorious. With Sevy pitching a complete game like every time out there, it might be smart to have a bullpen game prior to his next start. That could be a viable option in the playoffs. We should be prepared.

Creativity Points

Our fans are really bored on off days. Definitely awarding this gem with some points though.

Can’t Lose if We Don’t Play?

We need to expand MLB by two teams to remedy this weird schedule and also give us awesome side effects. Consider:

  1. This will give us 16 teams in each league and allow for a balanced schedule where each team visits each other at least twice. With teams seeing each other twice, weather cancellations will be easier to reschedule.
  2. We can eliminate interleague play and not have to worry about losing Tanaka.
  3. The talent in the league will be spread out slightly more leading to lower quality starting pitchers and more home runs for Judge and Stanton.
  4. We could potentially have another Canadian team and maybe a Las Vegas or Mexican team.

There are probably more benefits, but really I’ve gotten off topic.

No Laughing Matter

Well, I’m not going to not mention Gallagher after seeing this beauty. I’d definitely pay to watch Stanton and Judge mash fruit with their bats.

Entering Friday, Stanton had hit 21 career home runs at Citi Field. His most in any opposing teams ballpark. He also had 3 home runs against Degrom. Well, that was a recipe for success and Stanton hit another homer off Degrom and is now 9/25 lifetime against the Mets ace. While Stanton hasn’t really caught fire yet, he is still on a 40 home run pace (over 162 games). Let’s hope the warmer weather heats up his bat a bit.

Gleyber Day…ber

RIP Ohtani’s UCL. While it’s truly unfortunate that the young phenom’s season may be done, this opens the door for Young Gleyber to walk away with the Rookie of the Year award. It would be the second in a row for the Yankees. Even though Gleyber should regress as the league adjusts to him, this lineup is so stacked that teams will have to continue pitching to him. What are they going to do, walk Gleyber so they can get to *checks notes* Judge and Stanton?

Uh, JB, the 90s Called…

One of these men is right, the other is Jim Bowden. How do I know this? Apart from having a brain between my ears, our own Curtis Kiely labeled Gleyber as the Yankees’ only truly untouchable prospect.

I understand where JB is coming from on this. He gives us Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz by way of an example (because they won one time or something). In this day and age though, where it’s a little nuts to see a pitcher NOT blow out his arm, it just doesn’t make sense to trade a potential bedrock middle infielder for a starting pitcher.

I might consider trading Gleyber for Kluber, Scherzer, Verlander, or maybe Sale. Those guys are just on another planet right now. They’re also not on the market. Kershaw? Too many injuries, sorry. Degrom? I don’t even think you need to put Gleyber in a package to get Degrom. Probably Frazier, Sheffield and another and you’re done.


One of the cool things about our New York sports heroes has always been that they make an effort to use their platform to make the world a better place. The Yankees are a classy organization and the effort being put in to promote #HopeWeek shows it.

Side Note: “70% winning stat?” C’mon Carson.


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