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Do The Yankees Have Any Untouchables?

Brian Cashman will almost assuredly be looking for a starting pitcher but are any of his prized prospects untouchable in talks?

The Yankees are definitely in the market for a starting pitcher and with that comes the question of who the Yankees are willing to give up. Prospect hugging is almost a national past time, so this can be a tough time for Yankees fans to swallow.

Prospect hugging is bad though. Remember this: Not every player is Aaron Judge or Gary Sanchez. Sometimes, prospects just don’t work out. So when it comes time to make a push for a ring, the prospects just have to go in certain situations.

Now, after that has been said, there is always a prospect or two who is untouchable. Meaning no matter what, that player will not be traded. With trade talks looming, let’s take a look at the top Yankees prospects (or young players) who may or may not be untouchable.

Gleyber Torres

Let’s start with what I believe to be the easiest decision. Gleyber Torres should be going nowhere. This is a legitimate franchise-changing player. In his short time in the big leagues, he is hitting over .300 with 11 home runs and has shown that he should be a star for years to come. This is just the type of player you don’t trade. Verdict: Untouchable

Miguel Andujar

After making the easiest decision, let’s make what I think is the toughest. You have a young player that has shown that he can be a good big league hitter. The defense is steadily improving and he has demonstrated the ability to get better. I just don’t know if he’s a franchise-changing player. I think this is a situation where it has to be the last resort. You only trade him for a big-time pitcher or the one pitcher you have coveted. Verdict: Not Untouchable (Only for “that” guy)

Clint Frazier

Sorry, Yankees fans, this one is easy for me. Red Thunder is great. He has great bat speed and is exciting to watch play. He’s also stuck in a logjam and is dispensable le to some degree. He’s a good prospect but, not a game changer.

Estevan Florial

Another easy decision. This is where prospect hugging is bad. Florial is so far away from the big leagues. If you get a good deal and he’s in it, you pull the trigger. You just can’t be stuck on guys that are so far away. Verdict: Not Untouchable

Justus Sheffield

After two easy ones, we get maybe the easiest of them all. Listen up baseball fans, I’m about to teach you an important lesson: Never, I repeat never, prospect hug pitchers. Pitching prospects are as unsure as anything. They have a high propensity for injuries, lack of third offerings and command. They work our sometimes, but more often than not, they break your heart. Verdict: Not Untouchable

So, to recap: In my opinion, we have one untouchable and that is Gleyber Torres. I also would not argue with anyone who said Andujar, but it is my opinion that he should be available for the right guy.

Prospects are so fun, but can also be very disappointing. Remember that when the Yankees win their 28th ring, even if it came at the cost of a few young guys.


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