Yankees: Pinstripe Pride Twitter Roundup, 6/6/18

The Pinstripe Pride roundup is a semi-occasional look at our favorite Yankees related tweets. Let’s take a look at the best tweets of the week. 

Always show #RE2PECT

It’s been a few years since the captain retired. While some of us are still in mourning over the retirement of Jeet, we at least have a new young core to celebrate. Of course, this begs the question: Who is most likely to be the next captain? Will it be Judge? Didi? Gary? Will we wait for Gleyber to ascend to superstar status and take the helm? Important decisions to be made. Coincidentally, Aaron Boone was part of that 2003 team (you may recall…), but he wasn’t traded to the Yankees until July 31st, and so he did not witness the title being granted to Jeter.

A new captain clutch?

Speaking of Jeter, it looks like we might have a new “captain clutch.” Young Gleyber has played in just 35 games, but he already has two walk-off hits. For those counting at home, Gleyber has had the game-winning hit in roughly 5% of the games he’s played. Derek Jeter only had 10 walk-off hits in his entire career!

An embarrassment of riches

Nevermind that this is way too early in the season to say that Torres should be batting higher than Stanton in the lineup, but that’s just how good Glyber has been. If he could only pitch every 6 days he might even have a shot at rookie of the year…

That’s my Giancarlo

I never thought was fair for Giancarlo to be booed at the stadium early on. Dude was used to playing in a dome in Miami and then all of a sudden is trying to swing the bat in the freezing cold in April. Also, look at the above stats! He’s a slow starter. I’ll be very surprised if he’s healthy all season and doesn’t crack 50 homers.

Gardy Getting Hot!

Speaking of slow starters, see Brett Gardner.

Mar/April: .210/.331/.270

May: .313/.404/.513

I’m not saying the Yankees should pick up his 2019 option for $12.5 million, but, actually yes I’m saying that. Still plenty of cap space to sign Bryce too and rotate Judge, Stanton, Harper, and Gary in the DH spot to get everyone in the lineup.

Wardrobe Malfunction

I want to see Booney where a full three-piece suit with a fedora and cigar in the dugout. Show a little class man.

We have the best fans


Big Toe

*Shed a tear for Big Toe. When the hell are we going to 27 man rosters??? GET ON IT MLB.

Start ‘em young!

Baseball in the Bronx is exciting again! It feels like the late 90s all over again. Let’s hope this young man can grow up to tell stories of this team just like those who came before him.

Baseball is 90% Mental, the other half is physical

This is just an amazing stat. Yogi must have had some extra cartilage in his knees or something. We may never see a catcher catch a doubleheader EVER again, let alone 117 times. Baseball has evolved tremendously over the decades and one victim of “progress” has been the regularly scheduled doubleheader. Teams used to play two games on Sundays and had regularly scheduled doubleheaders throughout the season. In this new era of regular flight travel and night games, however, we don’t play two in a day that often.


Mother nature has decided that these New York Yankees must play many doubleheaders this season and that Gary Sanchez must either sit more often or be the DH.

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

Rather than rehash what Fangraphs has already discussed, here’s what I’d like to see. Instead of having a fully automated strike zone with robots who we’d have to worry about becoming sentient (seriously that’s a major drawback according to Elon Musk), I’d like to see a system implemented like the Hawk-Eye system in Tennis. In Tennis, a player gets three challenges per set to use if they want to challenge whether a ball was in or out. I’d love to see pitchers and batters get one challenge per at bat. Of course the system would have to be adjusted for each player, probably each pitch, so I’m not even sure this is possible, but a man can dream.

Throwing some shade at the O’s

Even O’s fans know they’re a trainwreck.

Heh. Why haven’t they traded Machado yet?

From Flushing With Love

Welcome aboard Marco!

We’re NUMBER 1!

Yes yes, the Red Sox might be the first team to 40 wins, but we can’t get to 40 if we never play!

Public Service Announcement: GET OUT THE VOTE

All-Star voting is open and if you’re not heading over to to vote after reading this roundup, you will bring shame unto you and your family. In case you need some pointers, you’re supposed to vote for the guys with the NYY next to their names. (Sorry Aaron Hicks, but Mike Trout is on the ballot)


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