Yankees: Breakdown Of The Season Through 51 Games

Every year we hear how the general population is not interested in baseball until June (sometimes later).  If you are unlike most true Yankee fans who are locked and loaded from opening day on, you may find the below helpful in getting caught up.

Just make sure you don’t fall behind again, life moves fast and we have a world series to win.

50 Games into the Major League Baseball season, the games start to count now, right?

Wrong, they all count, but I guess you can say we are a third of the way through the baseball season and summer is around the corner.

Nice, with my NBA and NHL teams eliminated from the playoffs I am going to start tuning in full time.  How has that Giancarlo guy looked?

One of those fans, huh?  Giancarlo homered TWICE on opening day and drove in 4 runs.

Wow, so another MVP season is looming?

I wouldn’t go that far, he currently has a career-low .800 OPS, a .246 BA with 11 HR’s and 28 RBI’s.  However, he typically starts to heat up around the time you start watching baseball.  June.  

Wow, excited to see what he does this summer.  Maybe Didi wins the MVP this year, he is a stud.

I am a big Didi fan, he won the AL Player of the Month award in April after batting .330 with 10 HR’s, 30 RBI’s and an OPS of 1.116.

That’s my Shortstop, not many shortstops can win that type of award.

Bingo, the last Yankee Shortstop to win an AL player of the month award was Derek Jeter in August 1998.  

Gotcha, so how did Didi do in May?

Awful.  He went 11 for 88 at the plate (.125 BA) with just 1 HR which has brought his season batting average down 100 points. 

Yikes, well at least the Yankees as a team are off to an amazing start.

It has not been all sunshine and rainbows.  They started the season 9-9 while the Red Sox started 17-2.  They quickly found themselves 7.5 GB in the AL East after three weeks of baseball.  

Wow, I heard over the weekend that they were close to first place.

They are.  They have had sole possession of first place a couple of times and it has been back and forth since.

So they made up that 7.5 game gap that quickly?

Yep, 18 days to be exact.

HAHAHA, gotta love the Red Sox giving up such a large lead so quickly.

Gotta love the Yankees going 17-1 from April 20th to May 8th.  They took it from them.  

17-1 during a 18 game stretch?

Yup, it matched their best 18 game stretch since 1953.  A team that had Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford.

Guess I have missed more than I thought, how is Severino looking?

Sevy is looking like an ACE.  Through 11 starts, he is 7-1 with a 2.28 ERA and has fanned 81 batters through 71 innings.  He tossed a Complete Game/Shutout @ Houston while striking out 10, it was fun to watch.  

Man, with him, Tanaka and Sonny we can go far this season.

Ehhhh, Tanaka is sporting a 4.62 ERA and is on pace to give up 35 long balls again this season.  And as far as Sonny Gray goes, that guy is frustrating.  His 5.98 ERA through 10 starts is higher than both CC Sabathia and Domingo German.  

Domingo German?

Yeah, it is pronounced “Herman”.  We acquired him in the Carlos Beltran trade and called him up from the minors to fill in for the injured Jordan Montgomery.  The kid could be good but has struggled a bit lately.  

Have to love the young guys coming up and helping out.

The farm system is a strength of ours right now, just look at Gleyber Torres.

Fill me in, who is that?

For starters, make sure you pronounce it as GLAYber, you will gain extra street cred for doing so.  He is our second baseman, probably for the next 15 years.  We acquired him in the Aroldis Chapman trade the year we sent him to the Cubs at the deadline.  Gleyber was their #1 prospect.

Nice, so he is the real deal?

Looks to be.  He is a 21 year old who currently has 9 HR’s in 31 games with a .317 BA and .985 OPS.  

Wow, that is some power for a second baseman.

Yeah, looks to be an all around stud.  Four of those home runs came in consecutive games making him the youngest AL player to hit four home runs in four straight games EVER.   

I think I am ready to start watching.

I sure would hope so.  

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