Mark Teixeira “not surprised” by Former Teammate Cano’s Suspension

While making his weekly appearance on The Michael Kay Show, former Yankee Mark Teixeira voiced his thoughts on his former teammate Robinson Cano’s suspension.

If you thought the drama involving the eight-time all-star’s suspension would fade within a few days, that isn’t the case. Mark Teixeira, now of ESPN, said he was “not surprised” by the news of Cano’s 80-game suspension, which he was dealt this past Tuesday for his reported use of furosemide, which is typically used as a masking drug for PEDs.

Although he didn’t go into deep detail due to his love for Robby, Teixeira also mentioned Cano’s link to his apparent best friends at the time Melky Cabrera and Alex Rodriguez, who both have been suspended for PED use in the past. Cabrera received a 50-game ban in August of 2012, in the midst of a .346/.390/.516 all-star season, while A-Rod has had a rather extensive history with banned substances, most recently being the Biogenesis scandal that saw him suspended 162 games in 2014.

Despite no further evidence existing that Cano used during his nine-year tenure with the Yankees, this recent claim from his former teammate certainly doesn’t suggest anything otherwise.

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