Is Bryce Harper Destined To Join The Yankees?

The Yankees are beginning a series against Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals, but this leaves us wondering whether or not Harper will be playing with the Yankees in 2019. 

Many are skeptical of a potential signing that would bring Bryce Harper to the New York Yankees, but take a look at this table…

Standard Batting
809 3447 2896 537 818 153 18 163 451 66 496 694 .282 .387 .517 .904 141 1496
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Would you have interest now?

In a relatively short amount of time, the Yankees will have the potential to acquire this player. In acquiring this player the Yankees would only have to sacrifice their most abundant commodity…money.

The above player chart is for Bryce Harper. Harper has been a polarizing player throughout his time this the Major Leagues. Harper has made had historic highs (2015 MVP season) and catastrophic lows (last season devastating knee injury). Bryce can be a franchise-changing player, and for a team with the history of the New York Yankees, Bryce can be the guy to take hold of the mantle of “Superstar”.

This team has a plethora of outfielders already. However, there are several outfielders for whom Bryce could take over.

First, Brett Gardner the Yankees’ current left fielder set to become a free agent after the 2018 season. Gardy is the longest tenured Yankee currently on the roster, Brett is 34 years old and has been mired in a season-long slump. Though replacing Gardner in the clubhouse may cause some concern, Harper could easily take hold of Left Field in the big ballpark in the Bronx.

Up next, the often injured Jacoby Ellsbury. Ells is always getting hurt, he is presently on the 60-day DL for a hip? Or maybe it was turf-toe? Or was it that he is allergic to the outfield grass? Or maybe he’s just afraid of being haunted by the ghosts of center fielders past? No matter what the reason Ellsbury can’t stay on the field and for that Bryce can without question take over for Jacoby.

Then there’s Aaron Hicks. While Hicks isn’t as bad as Jacoby, he cannot be counted on to be healthy for 145-150 games a season. The idea of having a player with the capabilities of Aaron Hicks as a fourth outfielder is a major plus for a championship caliber team.

The next two outfielders can be grouped together as they are unknown quantities. Both Clint Fraizer and Billy McKinney could give the Evil Empire exactly what they could be seeking from a player like Bryce.

Now that is not to say that these two guys can produce like Harper. However, it is to say that they can both be dynamic young players that can call 161st Street and River Avenue home for many years, and at a much lower price tag. But Bryce is already that top tier player that they could become, so why settle for what could be, when what already is, can be obtained?

What Will It Take?

Bryce Harper will surely command upwards of $400 Million dollars possibly into the half a billion dollar realm. And the deal could range from 8-12 years. What makes Bryce’s case different from the mega-deals of the past is that Bryce will only be going into his age 26 season.

Age 26 through 30 has long been considered a player’s prime years. So to acquire a player who already has an MVP trophy on his mantle and a “Ted Williamsesque” caliber season under his belt is a major coup. And if you are not completely convinced that New York should go after Bryce. Let’s not forget how beautifully that violent left-handed swing would fit perfectly in the short porch in right field at Yankee Stadium.

Bryce Harper needs to be in pinstripes next season and if destiny has anything to do with it, he certainly will be.

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