Will The Yankees Retaliate Against The Red Sox?

It has been a long time since MLB’s best rivalry has been this intense. Both the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are very good ballclubs who also happen to be very young.

Meaning that the fire and intensity are going to be here for quite some time.
The last time these two teams played things got heated in a hurry with two bench-clearing scenarios. One that was merely a mild exchange of words after a slide that was perceived dirty. And the second a much more intense situation facilitated by a hit by pitch turned into a brawl.

Can the Beantown Brawl Ignite The Yankees Going Forward?

This three-game set will be held in the much friendlier atmosphere of the Bronx. The Yankees will send out their top three starters of Severino, Tanaka, and Sabathia to face the Red Sox lineup.

Since that fateful night in Beantown, both teams have gone in similar directions with the Yankees going 18-2 since leaving Boston, while the Red Sox have gone 15-7. The Yankees and Red Sox will forever have entwined fates due to their histories.

The upcoming series, however, will take on a new-old feel. It will take in a feeling of that of fourteen years ago. It will take on an air of fire and passion not since seen in this rivalry since before the “Curse of the Bambino” was broken.

Will There Be? or Won’t There Be? That Is The Question.

The question plaguing the Yankee Universe and Red Sox Nation is will we see retaliation in this series for the Battle of Boston? Will we see the benches clear again because of what happened during the Fracas at Fenway?

The initial thought and reaction of Yankee fans is… Yes, there has to be some sort of receipt printed for Joe Kelly‘s childlike behavior. There has to be some sort of retribution delivered to send a message that the Bronx will not stand for that type of cowardly actions.

To Be.

If retaliation is to be had, then there are a few key components to cash in on retribution successfully.

  1. The game has to be well in control. Whether for the Yankees or against them.
  2. Look to someone like Dellin Betances to be the executioner or the retribution. Dellin’s control can “elude” him just long enough to find the ribcage of someone like Andrew “Benny Biceps” Benintendi.
  3. Finally, it has to come with the foreknowledge that both teams will be on edge and another potential bench-clearing incident may occur following a drilling.

Not To Be.

However, retaliation may not be what the Yankees themselves are looking for. The Yankees lost the services of Tyler Austin for four days in the midst of the best streak of his young career because of a suspension. The Yankees may be looking to play the long game, and in that scenario, the way the Yankees gain the ultimate retribution is to win the 2018 World Series.

The Bronx Is Burning

The Yankees always play intense games with Boston, and this series won’t be any different. But the level of hostility and hatred has gotten ramped up since the Brawl in Beantown.

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