Comparing The 2018 Yankees To The 1998 Yankees

The 2018 Yankees show some similarities to another famous Yankees crew. So let’s compare them to the team everyone thought they would be like; the 1998 Yankees.


The 1998 New York Yankees were a historically great team finishing with an overall record of 114-48 and outscored their opponents by more than 300 runs (965-656). A young Derek Jeter lead the team in WAR (Wins Above Replacement) with a 7.5 WAR according to Baseball Reference. The 1998 team won the World Series sweeping the San Diego Padres in four games.


The 2018 New York Yankees have gotten off to a 12-9 start after beating the Twins on Monday night. They have scored 127 runs while giving up 101. The two teams have some similarities between them, such as the new core of the teams.

The 1998 Yankees had the Core Four and the often forgotten Bernie Williams of the homegrown talent. The 2018 Yankees have their own core crew of homegrown talent, with the likes of Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino, Miguel Andújar and guys that were traded for but spent time in the Yankees Minor League system like Chad Green and Gleyber Torres.

Looking at the Lineups

Both of these teams have incredible talent on them, some of an All-star caliber and even some of an MVP caliber.

1998 Offense

Catcher: Jorge Posada#

First Base: Tino Martinez*

Second Base: Chuck Knoblauch

Third Base: Scott Brosius

Shortstop: Derek Jeter

Left Field: Chad Curtis

Center Field: Bernie Williams#

Right Field: Paul O’Neill*

Designated Hitter: Darryl Strawberry*

#= Switch Hitter, *= Left Hitter

2018 Offense

Catcher: Gary Sanchez

First Base: —

Second Base: Gleyber Torres

Third Base: Miguel Andújar

Shortstop: Didi Gregorius*

Left Field: Brett Gardner*

Center Field: Aaron Hicks#

Right Field: Aaron Judge

Designated Hitter: Giancarlo Stanton

#= Switch Hitter, *= Left Hitter

Obviously, the glaring omission is the first baseman on the 2018 team. That spot is supposed to be where Greg Bird plays. Bird matches up well with Tino Martinez, both have a propensity to come up big in this clutch. “Hip Hip” Jorge and “El” Gary are similar in that they are first and foremost offensive forces.

Didi Gregorius took over for the man who was the shortstop in 1998, Derek Jeter. Aaron Judge undeniably often gets compared to Derek Jeter in persona and demeanor. Speaking of Aaron Judge, right field at Yankee Stadium has always had a fan favorite from the Warrior Paul O’Neill to Nick Swisher to now the honorable Aaron Judge.

Switching hitting seems almost like a prerequisite for the starting center field job in the Bronx as both Bernie Williams in 98 and Aaron Hicks in 2018 are both switch hitters with very good defensive prowess in center field. The Yankees designated hitters from 98 and 18 have some similarities; two guys with big bats and big personalities in Darryl Strawberry and Giancarlo Stanton.

The 2018 Yankees have two young phenoms in Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andújar while the 98 Yankees had grizzled veterans in Chuck Knoblauch and Scott Brosius playing second and third respectively. While the comparison between these four men is not quite as similar as the others in this comparison, they have comparable stations as role players on this 2018 team. They will not be looked on to have a major set of the responsibilities on the championship aspirations in the Bronx in 2018.

1998 Pitching Staff

Starter: Andy Pettitte

Starter: David Wells

Starter: David Cone

Starter: Hideki Irabu

Starter: Orlando Hernandez

Reliever: Ramiro Mendoza

Reliever: Mike Stanton

Reliever: Jeff Nelson

Reliever: Graeme Lloyd

Closer: Mariano Rivera

2018 Pitching Staff

Starter: Luis Severino

Starter: Mashiro Tanaka

Starter: CC Sabathia

Starter: Sonny Gray

Starter: Jordan Montgomery

Reliever: Dellin Betances

Reliever: Tommy Kahnle

Reliever: Chad Green

Reliever: David Robertson

Closer: Aroldis Chapman

The pitching staffs also have some things in common. A homegrown ace in Andy Pettitte and Luis Severino, a lights-out closer in Mariano Rivera and Aroldis Chapman. The battling type veterans in Wells and Coney to Tanaka and Sabathia. Bullpens that have quality veterans that can be relied upon to come in and lock things down. Also, on the opposite side of the spectrum, starters that have been very inconsistent in Hideki Irabu and Sonny Gray.

The 2018 New York Yankees are hoping to end up with the same outcome as the 1998 New York Yankees. A World Series victory a ticker tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes.

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