Dear Yankees Fans, April Is More Important Than You May Think

The Yankees are off to a slow start to begin the 2018 season after having monumental expectations in the offseason, but is it now time to start worrying?


The coldest month of the baseball regular season.

The month with the lowest attendance across each ballpark.

The month where the NBA and NHL playoffs are taking shape.

Baseball in April isn’t important yet, right? Wrong.

While no team has won the World Series in the month of April, many teams have lost the World Series in the month of April.

What do the last 14 World Series Championship teams all have in common? All of them had an above .500 record when the month of April concluded. You would have to go all the way back to the 2003 Season when the “Florida” Marlins finished under .500 in April and yet won the World Series vs your New York Yankees.

Want more supporting evidence? The last time the Yankees finished April with a losing record was in 2016. That team failed to make the postseason. Before that, you have to go back to the 2008 season, when the Yankees came out of April with a 14-15 record. They also failed to reach the postseason that season.

While I initially felt that Yankees fans needed to take one big deep breath, I now believe there is some reason to be alarmed on April 21.

After all, teams that perform well in the month of April, make it easier on themselves the rest of the way.

The Red Sox, now 17-2, can play .500 baseball the rest of the way and finish with around 95 wins, which could be good enough to win the AL East.

At 9-9, the Yankees have just 10 games remaining in the month of April, eight of which will be played in the Bronx. I’d say let’s win all 10, but let’s at least take six games and move on to May.

Yes, it’s “only April”, but these games count the same as if it were July or September. And with the ultimate goal of being World Series Champions, let’s hope these Yankees come out of April with a winning record.

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