Yankees: #PinstripePride Roundup

The #PinstripePride  roundup is a semi-occasional look at our favorite Yankees related tweets. Let’s take a look at the recent road trip that began the season.

Start ’em young!

It’s never too early to indoctrinate your kids on how awesome it is to be a Yankees fan. Also, the rule of law. #AllRise

Anxiety Attack

How many lefties are in the Red Sox rotation again?

The Shot Heard Round The Bronx

Over/Under 162 hr? With that mighty swing, Stanton became the 19th player to homer in his first at-bat with the Yankees, joining other notables such as Aaron Judge, Andruw Jones, Curtis Granderson, Graig Nettles, and … Todd Zeile. Ok, so for all the Yankees home run lists that there are, this one isn’t as impressive as some others.


Who’s the Yankees .gif designer? They deserve a raise for this. Elegant, yet ripe with pop culture references.

New Kid on the Block

Could use a grammar lesson though.

Quickdraw Didi

Found the new Bart for the Blazing Saddles reboot. The real question is who on this team would play Mongo?

C.C. Appreciates


Coney always has the best insights

Just Stopparlo.


The real question is whether there will be more Fortnite or The Show references this year.

How good are your lipreading skills? (NSFW?)

I’ve never seen a duck run before. I wonder if Judge likes sweeping

Throwing some shade at the O’s

Hating on the Orioles is the real national pastime.

Just Savage

It’s going to be a loooooong year in Miami. Here’s another fun game: Will Stanton + Judge home runs outnumber Marlins losses?


No promotion like self-promotion. Seriously, RT, Like, and Follow.

Good work team

Technically Stanton won’t be able to earn his pinstripes until he’s hit a walk-off home run. Extra stripes if it’s against the Red Sox.

If you have witnessed or created any awesome Yankees tweets and would like to be featured in this column, please send them my way @CJ_Esposito on Twitter.

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